Visionary Women Celebrating You Luncheon 2019

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“On The Guest List!” attends the “Visionary Women’s Celebrating You Luncheon” 2019 in Stockbridge GA.  This episode was hosted by Veda McNeal Wright.  Watch Veda talk with all the honorees, Dr. Davis, Judge Veal, John Pearson, Carolyn Fuller, Maria Boynton, Coylitia O’neal, Carlotta Harrell, Judge Palmer, Ariel Shaw, Cie Cie McGhee, Solicitor Bettis, Connie Kitchens, and Patti Brown.  Veda talks with other special red carpet guest as Meredith Lilly, Elton Alexander, Anthony Ford, and Evelyn Wynn-Dixon.  Don’t miss another great episode of “On The Guest List!”

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