The “Bricked” Red Carpet Premiere Atlanta 2018

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“On The Guest List!” attends the red carpet premiere of the movie “Bricked” staring TC Carson and Tracy Campbell.   This episode was hosted by Veda McNeal-Wright.  Watch Veda talk with the director, Aleshia Cowser and the cast members, TC Carson, Tasia Grant, Ivan Mbakop, Tracyce Malachi and Rebecca West.  Veda also gets to talk with some local Atlanta super stars like Cocoa Brown, Josey Wellz, and many others.  Don’t miss another great episode of “On The Guest List!”.

Bricked is a coming to age film that focuses on a high school grad finding himself in turmoil within his family as he battles with coping with Bipolar disorder.Trevor is an intelligent young man with a bright future. However, he also suffers from bipolar disorder, and is very much in denial about the nature of his illness. After a particularly violent episode of mania, his mother sends him to an old family friend, Dr. Robert Weldon (TC Carson) for treatment. Dr. Weldon agrees to take Trevor in as his own, however, Trevor's struggle is more severe than just denial. As Trevor contends with his own brain, he'll discover a nearly twenty-year-old secret that may determine whether he conquers his illness, or if his illness conquers him.

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