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Anthony R. Page and Blue Bistro Creative will executive produce a special Women's History Month Edition of THE BLUE SERIES at the Windmill Arts Center in East Point, GA. The Series, which runs from March 14-17, 2019, will feature 6 One-Act stage plays written and directed by African American women. Page stated "I know each of these women professionally. So when I have been in the room with them, I have felt their power; understood their passion and over time I have witnessed their perseverance as they each "become." What is also very telling is that they are transparent about their imperfection and pain, which is refreshing. - - Out of that came the inspiration for this edition of The Blue Series." The Blue Series - Special Women's History Month Edition will feature a new work by veteran playwright Amina S. McIntyre titled: MEMORY / LIFE and screenwriter Naz Pankey making her play-writing debut with ONE TWO MANY. The 'Series' also marks the play-writing debuts of author Juva Threat Alexander. Along with veteran writer April Powell, Juva is adapting a short play from her successful book: From The Pole To The Pulpit. Her autobiographical entry into the 'Series' is titled: THE PINK TACKLE BOX. Social influencer and activist Kristen Black also makes her play-writing debut with DENIAL ABOUT DONNA as fashion designer and style connoisseur Vanessa Henderson debuts with her play: FINISH THE DREAM. Rounding out the multi-generational mix of points of view and perspective is spoken word artist Sassett West. Working professionally under the name Abstract C.I.M, she is making her theatrical debut with ABSTRACT UNVEILED: TALES OF A YOUNG, BLACK FEMALE. Her show will include a unique combination of spoken word, dance and performance art. Page concluded, "Almost all of the works in this 'Series' are somewhat autobiographical. So we believe not only will this be a great cultural experience, but we are crafting a show that will have a great deal of social and emotionally significance. As we like this say of the 'Series', it's going to be an intimate yet epic experience." This edition of THE BLUE SERIES, is made possible with support from our promotional partners: Black On Purpose TV (BOP TV); The Atlanta Black Theatre Festival, Emerging Arts Atlanta, The Double Scoop, Abstract Echoes and Pie Pixel Studios. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT EACH OF OUR FEATURED WORKS: MEMORY / LIFE In a play that explores faith and folklore, Tanya, after a recent assault, has been confined to the shell of herself since the attack. She must decide if she's willing to go into her memory and disturb the memories of others to remain a whole person. Written by Amina S. McIntyre. Amina made her play-writing debut in 2008 with Two Card Tables and a Clothes Rack.


Several victims of sexual assault share their testimonies of survival after years of silence. The stories were different, but the outcomes were the same. Written by Naz Pankey This marks Naz’s debut as a playwright.


One day while spring cleaning, Juva stumbles across an old make up case. Affectionately known as “the pink tackle box” it is filled with items that evoke painful memories; poor choices and a period of severe depression. As she continues to explore, she is reminded of God’s extraordinary grace and love. This play is based on the Juva’s autobiographical book: FROM THE POLE TO THE PULPIT. Written by Juva Threat Alexander with support from April Powell. This marks Juva’s debut as a playwright.


Donna, a 26 year old woman, arrives at her mother’s house a little early to help prep for her aunt Caroline’s retirement party, harboring a little surprise of her own. Sharing this secret with her mother may be difficult but she knows it must be done. Unaware of how she will be received by her mother and the rest of her family, Donna boldly sets herself free. Written by Kristen Black. This marks Kristen’s debut as a playwright.


(A City Girl Born in the Country) Taking back the life she feels has passed her by, a small town fashion designer from Reidsville, North Carolina moves to Atlanta in her 40's to pursue a dream. Although the city presents her with a multitude of challenges, she is determined to design the life she has always wanted to live. Written by Vanessa Henderson. This marks Vanessa’s debut as a playwright.


This one act play utilizes the art of spoken word, music and movement to paint the fall and ascension of a young woman during her journey through love, life, loss and the discovery of her highest self. Written by Sassett West aka Abstract C.I.M. This marks the play-writing debut of Abstract C.I.M. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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