Legal Documentation

Disclaimers for the viewer and user submitting the video or content. StreamATL, LLC is not responsible or liable in anyway once a video is streamed off the site. The user submitting any content is responsible for any copy write violations or permissions request for that content. is not responsible is a viewer sees something that offends them in anyway.

The agreement that the user submitting the content ok’s that says they are responsible for all copy writes, permissions, and fees, or legal issues with their content. They are ok’ing that no laws were broken with creating content being submitted. is not responsible for any profits/funds/earnings made from user’s content to users. Funds users pay are non refundable. Any payment is a user’s risk. Any crime or evidence to a crime is not the responsibility of and all materials will be give to the authorities.

Pay for view.
Once streams user’s content. The relationship is exclusive. Once that relationship expiries the content is non exclusive. If user wants to break relationship, users must compensate in a percentage or time.