"Literary Ladies Of The ATL!"

Literary Ladies Of The ATL!

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Episode 1

Episode 1

"Literary Ladies Of The ATL!"

Episode 4


 With the end of the year approaching, the Literary Ladies try to
find ways to work through the hardships of 2016 in hopes of entering 2017
with lifted spirits. At the brink of the new year with so many new plans
and endeavors ahead of them, Kenni decides that it's time to bring some
new energy to the circle. But, how will the others respond to her choice?

Episode 3

Motherhood, entrepreneurship, school, and activism...the Literary Ladies of the ATL write phenomenal books but we're so much more than JUST authors.


Episode 2

Relationships take a lot of work and when you're as busy as The Literary Ladies are it can be a real juggling act.  At varying stages on the relationship hierarchy, watch as the ladies show the delicate balance between work and their personal lives.  Episode 2, Love, Marriage, and Books: the ultimate hustle.  Another episode brought to you by www.streamatl.net.



Episode 1


Take a glimpse into the lives of three dynamic female authors residing in
Atlanta, Georgia.

Kenni York, mainstream author, serial-entrepreneur, and sexual assault
awareness advocate is taking her pen game to a new level. With all of the
new twists and turns in her life, she battles with juggling it all and
putting things into perspective.

K.S. Oliver, author, publisher, and Lupus warrior redefines the lit game
with her family hustle. Despite any and all obstacles, she's blazing a
trail of her own while creating a spark in the lives of others.

Nika Michelle, multi-series author and publishing vet juggles the demands
of her fast-track career and maintaining her personal life.

Together, the women demonstrate what sisterhood, positive influence, and
hard work looks like. With so many myths behind the literary industry,
these ladies give a eye-opening glimpse of what the life of an author is
really like. It may look like all glitz and glam, but the truth is far
from it.

Kenni York, CEO Kenni Enterprises LLC / Teal Stilettos LLC


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