Girl Go Be Great International Success Conference 2016 Atlanta!

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On The Guest List! Hosted by Kierra Payne and Cassandra Parks!

"Girl Go Be Great International Success Conference 2016"


Welecome to another episode of "On The Guest List!"  Your host Lateka Carter attends the Girl Go Be Great International Success Conference at the COBB GALLERIA CENTRE  in Atlanta, GA.  Watch Lateka interview organizer Lori Pelzer, speaker in the conference, Paula Farmer, and other attendees of the 2 day conference.  What you see in this episode only scratches the surface of information the conference provided.

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From the Girl Go Be Great Eventbrite details,


Be Unconventional it’s of little value to be the same thing as the other GIRL! You cannot serve you in your highest or the world in tight small spaces . GREATNESS Expands you beyond common and is about breaking the rules of following everybody else, living full out, touching down into the ZONE of Being POWERFUL.


Girl Go Be Great (GGBG) International Success Conference is an Awe-Inspired out the box unique conference experience designed especially for women success in areas ranging from Technology, Business, Money, Lifestyle, and Wellness for women of all races, ages, social economics and backgrounds and two newly added bonus features for Women 50+ and Millennials 20-30's.

Girl Go Be Great ( GGBG ) International Success Conference mission is to provide unmatched Love, Support, Strategic connections, Inspiration, Cutting edge education, Strategies and Tools for every woman that attends to leave prepared to begin her journey to Thinking Bigger & Strategizing Better. She will realize she is called to move beyond a common existence to finally Show up sassy Be Fierce & Live Great! It’s time to invite every woman who is willing to answer the call to Think Bigger, Strategize Better & Live GREAT.

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