Film Festival's Film Festival is open and ready for your film. Film Festival is a committed quest for the visual arts need for creative variety. As a creative genius, you can win $1000. Just submit your feature length film , short film or animation film into's Film Festival. Once you register, pay submission fee and upload your video, you can compete to win $1000. The winner is determine by the video with the most like votes. The public votes on the video and their votes are tallied. The video with the most votes at the end of the contest wins that season and gets titled Film Festival winner. There will be a new contest every six months. The top 10 videos will be posted for the duration of the contest on the Festival page. The submission time period will run until one day before the winner is picked. The process for submitting your work is below. No video can have extreme violence or graphic sexual content. The winner will have their video entered into the winners hall of fame. The rules to the contest are as follows.

1. Contestant must be registered to be in the festival.
2. Contestant must pay submission fee to be in the film festival.
3. Contestant must submit work in MP4 format or compatible format. File must be able to be email to film festival submission email address.
4. Contestants work must be free from discrepancies.
5. All votes on videos must be verifiable.
6. One contestant can win all three categories in one season.
7. One contestant can have more than one video entered into the festival per season.
8. The video with the most "like Votes" wins the festival for that season.
9. Submitted videos must be longer that 5 minutes and shorter that 90 minutes.
10. All videos must have a list of credits in the video and in file separate from video. All crew, cast, editor, director, and writer must be listed and credited. Also a short synapse of the video is required. has the right to reject any video submitted at any time in or after the contest. All videos submitted will be the property of

How to submit video for film festival contest.
1. Register for festival by clicking link provided on Festival Page.
2. Pay submission Fee of $45 online.
3. Get access to upload video link and upload video.
4. Users will receive upload confirmation.
Contestants can only enter the same video once in the festival overall. The winner must able to receive the prize in person. The winner also must complete an interview.