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Is This The New Spring Trend For Women?

Bomber jacket Style

So lately, I have been seeing an occurrence that has caught my eye…Bomber jackets and ripped jeans. We are not just talking the “Distressed” jeans everyone has been wearing, but ripped and torn. Everyone from Kristen Stewart to Kylie Jenner to the Queen “Bey” Beyoncé have been spotted with the trend. So how do you wear this look?
Let’s break it down simply… The jacket is first. They come in an array of colors…the most versatile ones however are the black ones. They can be dressed up or dressed down without the jeans… you can use it for an edgy look with a dress…to of course wearing the with jeans. That brings us to our next point…the jeans… ANY COLOR… Most of the stars however wear them with faded torn blue jeans. However, Kylie stepped up her game with a pair of white distressed jeans. To make the outfit complete, pair this with a big satchel bag… the fitted look needs something to break it up…the big bag would be this. Also, don’t be afraid to wear big jewelry. This will also help to balance the look. We will see what fashion designers and celebs will do with this trend!

Black Tie Affair!Short commentary by Cassandra Parks!

Ok, so you get an invite for a Black Tie Affair, what do you wear? Well, it does not always mean the long, black dress of old. I am here to give you some options…

1) Jewel Color – Think of Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald… you know, along that line. You can brighten the room up with any of those colors.

2) Sparkle – YES!!! SPARKLE BABY! Any type of sequins is appropriate for black tie functions. Gold, Black, Blue… any color…

3) Short – A cute cocktail dress is a yes in my book…as long as it is soft looking. I mean, light ruffles. Nothing that you would wear to a club. Must have either Chiffon or Sequins. PLEASE try to keep it at knee level though… any shorter would be… tacky… sorry…

4) Long – I know what I said at the beginning, but I said it does not only mean Black Tie, ok… yes long is still very Black Tie.

5) Black – Ok, you can wear it. In any form. Long, short, sequins, and in between. Always a go to.

Hope my little break down helps. ALWAYS add some jewelry however…that is a must. And most of all…be you!


Accessorize!Editoral by Nina Lewis
To accessorize or not to accessorize, that is the question?

Whether it is nobler in the mind to go au natural, or to adorn oneself in dazzling charms, is truly a personal choice. For me, it’s important to feel pretty and to do whatever it takes, to feel that way. For some people that means having a daily routine and regime that incorporates self-care.

A daily exercise regime
A daily meditation routine
Time to pay homage to a greater force other than oneself
A strict eating schedule
A restful night
Dressing to impress

For some, self-care incorporates so much more, decluttering, your mind, electronic trail and physical space can help you free your mind to focus on what it is you truly desire.

For others, to feel good in addition to looking and feeling your best, means having a full life. Spending time with loved ones, travelling, partaking in entertainment and all that life has to offer.

Whatever your routine or regime is, accessorizing your life will only allow you to enhance that feeling of looking and feeling your very best. Whether it’s a statement piece paired with a simple outfit or a couture outfit paired with a simple jewelry piece, wearing accessories can really bring your whole look together and help you “own” the room when you enter.

Always remember, your look is your trademark!

Nina Lewis (C-A-L innovations)