Dibiase “Its All On U.” Premiere

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“On The Guest List!” attends the premiere of “It’s All On You!” documentary by Dibiase. This episode was hosted by guest host Patrice Simpson.  Watch Patrice interview Dibiase, Casino, Bobby Beniefield, Diamond P, Kofi Black and many more guest who came to support the film.  Special guest host interviews by ET from iHeartRadio.  Don’t miss another great episode of “On The Guest List!”


A man left in the world to raise himself born fatherless, loses his mother at 11, struggles to make his way through life. Emotionally devastated he turns to a life of crime, hustling, and violence. Will he change before it’s too late?

The life of a hustler, fast paced always trying to stay one step ahead leaves no room to reflect. The flashy lifestyle of fancy cars, fast money and notoriety blinds him from the consequences. After several encounters with the police and attempts on his life Dibiase’s conscience torments him.

A father pf two little girls he struggles to turn his life around. They inspire him to pursuit his dreams as an artist, role model and successful business man. Dibiase knows he is more than a hustler, and that growing up in the notorious streets of Kirkwood in Atlanta could not define him.

Mentors International superstar Future and CEO of Freebandz, Casino, show him another side to life. He catches a glimpse of what his life could be and realizes all his talent gives him unlimited possibilities. As long as the past doesn’t catch up with him.

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