Content Creators of Atlanta Awards’ Gala 2018

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“On The Guest List!” attends the Content Creators Awards Gala. This episode was hosted by J. Joseph.  Watch JJ interview the founder AZ Yeamen, Clifton Powell, Jason Louder, Keianna Nicole, Kaye Singleton, Prince Agbor Gilbert Ebot, Venk Potula, and many more special guest.  The CCA Gale is a celebration to honor screenwriters.  For more information about the organization click here,


The Gala

Each year the fundraising gala has a theme for the attendees

to guide their attire and create excitement allowing writers to

use their creativity in dressing up for the event. This year's gala

theme is "Sentiments of a New Era." Last year's garden gala was

full of color and style. Content Creators of Atlanta is a non-profit (501 c3)

organization that was created through the parent

company Bridge 17 Scriptwriters' Studio, LLC.

Scriptwriters are the foundation of the TV/Film

industry, yet there are few programs to support

them in getting their ideas heard. Independent

Scriptwriters are tasked with creating the content,

preparing the pitch package, travel in search of

funding, and for many independents; assist with

production and promotion thereafter. Writers bare

the burden and we want to contribute to relieving

their burdens.

The purpose of our annual awards gala, The

Content Creators of Atlanta Awards (CCAA), is to

raise funds for screenwriters in the Atlanta metro

area with micro-grants to promote their projects,

flights to festivals, screenplay competitions,

attorney fees, and many other screenwriter


The Founder

Screenwriter, Producer, and Script Consultant - AZ Yeamen is

the Founder and Executive Director of Bridge 17 Scriptwriters'

Studio; a 7,000 square foot independent content house for

writers to work, learn, collaborate, promote, screen, and enjoy a

like-minded tribe. Yeamen has circled the independent film

market working on numerous projects with independent

production houses.

Nearly thirty scripts and years later selling every script she has

ever written, she became the go-to for revisions, doctoring, pitch

packages, and whipping stories into shape for TVOne, Aspire TV,

Netflix, UMC Streaming, Bounce TV, and mostly independent

production companies.

Yeamen founded the first and only non-profit independent

organization to promote and highlight only screenwriters in

Atlanta - Content Creators of Atlanta.

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