ATL Homicide Season 2: Live Watch Party

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"On The Guest List!" attends the ATL Homicide season two watch party.  This episode was hosted by Deanna Turner.  Watch Deanna talk with David Quinn, and Vinny Velasquez.  Deanna also talks with Angelo Diaz, sponsor Patricia Smith, Jaquitta Williams, Ryan Young, Christopher Martin, and Jovita Moore.  Don't miss another great episode of "On The Guest List!".

TV One #1 Crime Show ATL Homicide enters it’s second season with a grand celebration in Atlanta, GA. 656 Sports Bar and Grille welcomes the entire Cast, Crew, and Producers of ATL Homicide including star detectives David Quinn, Vinny Velasquez, and Star Actor Angelo Diaz. This isn’t your traditional watch party. Guest will be able to mix and mingle with Celebrity Guests and notable Atlanta Public Figures and also provide their feedback on the experience and thoughts on the episode live on the Millenial Talk podcast.

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