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Welcome to a new show based on fashion in Atlanta.  "Atlanta Fashion Blog" is a show that showcases Models, fashion designers, haute couture, runway/catwalks and fashion shows promoted and featured in Atlanta.  The host Diva Symone Seven, a phenomenal photographer, gets to the facts about fashion with tenacity.  So join us as we dive into all things fashion.


Amunique Fashion Show!  Join Symone Seven  as she talks all things fashion with the CEO and founder of Amunique Models, Lorenzo White.   Further more, Symone Seven talks with all the designers in the show.  Designers!

Maurice Poole, with,

Ryan Lamar, with,

Krave, with

Vernetta Jonhson, with

Symone Seven also talks with a few models in the show, Darryl Chambers, DeMario Scott, Alexis Daughtry and 2CoolAP.  Enjoy the great interviews while seeing some amazing fashion.  Another great episode of "Atlanta Fashion Blog!".



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