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To accessorize or not to accessorize, that is the question?

Whether it is nobler in the mind to go au natural, or to adorn oneself in dazzling charms, is truly a personal choice. For me, it’s important to feel pretty and to do whatever it takes, to feel that way.  For some people that means having a daily routine and regime that incorporates self-care.

  1. A daily exercise regime
  2. A daily meditation routine
  3. Time to pay homage to a greater force other than oneself
  4. A strict eating schedule
  5. A restful night
  6. Dressing to impress

For some, self-care incorporates so much more, decluttering, your mind, electronic trail and physical space can help you free your mind to focus on what it is you truly desire.

For others, to feel good in addition to looking and feeling your best, means having a full life. Spending time with loved ones, travelling, partaking in entertainment and all that life has to offer.

Whatever your routine or regime is, accessorizing your life will only allow you to enhance that feeling of looking and feeling your very best. Whether it’s a statement piece paired with a simple outfit or a couture outfit paired with a simple jewelry piece, wearing accessories can really bring your whole look together and help you “own” the room when you enter.

Always remember, your look is your trademark!

Nina Lewis (C-A-L innovations)

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