“Above The Fire” cooking show!

Greetings!  “Above The Fire”, is a cooking show based in Atlanta Georgia.  The show showcases professional chefs preparing delicious gourmet meals step by step.  The best chefs in Atlanta go over every ingredient and process to cooking perfection.  From gourmet cuisine to delicious healthy dishes, “Above the Fire” is sure to have your culinary knowledge as sharp as a Ginsu blade.  “Above the Fire” is another exclusive production brought to you by StreamAtl.net.




"Above The Fire!" Episode 19 - Pecan Crusted Red Snapper with Vegetable Succotash!  


"Above The Fire!" Episode 15 - Shrimp Grit Cakes with Citrus cream sauce!



"Above The Fire!" Episode 17: Drunken Berry Parfait



Above The Fire! Episode 16:  Salmon Rangoon!

ChefDicksEp13 (10)

"Above The Fire!" Episode 13 - Seared Salmon




Episode 12: Chicken Croquet's!

Episode 12: Chicken Croquettes!

 "Above The Fire!" - Chicken Croquettes with Streamed Vegetables! Episode 12 with Chef Dwayne Dick's.



"Above The Fire!", Episode 9

 "Above The Fire!" - Angel Hair Wrapped Shrimp! Episode 9 with Chef Ali.

Welcome to another episode of "Above The Fire!" With your host Chef Ali. Today Chef Ali will make a Angel hair wrapped Shrimp disk that will satisfy the avid seafood fan. The shrimp is served with a light spring salad. Chef Ali also teaches you how to make a tasty vinaigrette to go with it from scratch. This dish is simple yet intricate enough to appease the hunger in us all. "Above The Fire!" is brought to you by www.Streamatl.net.

Lasagna Roulade!

Lasagna Roulade!



"Above The Fire!": Episode 8

Lasagna Roulade!  Watch Chef Ali make a deep fried lasagna with a side of his great Ali Oli sauces.  "Above The Fire!"  Episode 8 with Chef Ali.


Jerk Chicken Wings!

Jerk Chicken Wings!

Watch Chef LT prepare a quick and easy Jerk Chicken wings with braised cabbage and fried plantains. She'll show you how to blend seasonings for the jerk chicken for a great marinade.

"Above The Fire!" - Episode 7



Shrimp Scampi & Spinach Alfredo!

Shrimp Scampi & Spinach Alfredo!

Take it from Chef LT, pasta is going to be something you can cook up without missing a beat. Watch Chef LaTonia prepare two separate pasta dishes in a creamy Alfredo sauces. All made right before your eyes.

"Above The Fire!" Episode 6!




Deconstructed Apple Pie

Deconstructed Apple Pie

"Above The Fire!" Episode 5




Above The Fire Episode 4



"Above The Fire!" Episode 2!

“Above The Fire!” episode 2. Watch Chef Octavia prepare two healthy super food alternatives for breakfast and lunch. Chef Octavia’s signature breakfast dish of pan cooked Zucchini with eggs over easy will leave your mouth watering greenhouse workers in the month of June. This dish is a refreshing option to a great breakfast other than the grease, fat and sugar that we unknowingly eat. For lunch, Chef Octavia will prepare a great healthy Nutty bean and rice salad. This dish is one of the most colorful. The salad looks fun to eat. The nutty bean and rice salad that Chef Octavia graciously prepares would compliment any baked meat to the T. “Above The Fire”, episode 2. Don’t let your taste buds down. Watch on www.streamatl.net.


"Above The Fire!" Episode 1

“Above The Fire!” episode 1. Chef Octavia knows how to bring the heat! She prepares a delicious kale salad with seared Salmon. This dish sounds over the top to prepare at the last minute for dinner, but Chef Octavia breaks it down step-by-step to have you cooking like the best chef around. Salmon, kale, and a raspberry vinaigrette, when do we eat. “Above The Fire!”, episode 1