“Above The Fire” cooking show!

Greetings!  “Above The Fire”, is a cooking show based in Atlanta Georgia.  The show showcases professional chefs preparing delicious gourmet meals step by step.  The best chefs in Atlanta go over every ingredient and process to cooking perfection.  From gourmet cuisine to delicious healthy dishes, “Above the Fire” is sure to have your culinary knowledge as sharp as a Ginsu blade.  “Above the Fire” is another exclusive production brought to you by StreamAtl.net.

Episode 20: Chicken and Waffles!
" Above The Fire!" Episode 5: Deconstructed Apple Pie

Episode 5: Deconstructed Apple

Episode 4:

Episode 3:

Zucchini with eggs over easy!

Episode 2: Light Breakfast

"Above The Fire!" Episode 1: Seared Salmin Over Kale Salad

Episode 1: Seared salmon kale salad!