About Us

About Us

StreamATL.net was established by Chad Archey in 2014 in Atlanta, GA.   StreamATL.net is a corporation that supports the community and individuals that want to excel by being different. StreamATL.net’s business structure is setting new standards with film/video production and film distribution. StreamATL.net gives unprecedented support to the people who actually make the films we love. StreamAtl.net is committed to supporting independent Producers and film companies with services that keep them in complete control of their production. Streamatl.net is able to help you get your film or video project off the ground and completed. Then provide the platform for you to present your creation to the world without losing your ability to make MONEY. StreamATL.net is protecting the ownership of all creative works. StreamATL.net offers video production services, media pay per view hosting, and annually sponsors academic and Media Arts contest to showcase the best. All media is via the internet and streamed to the world.

Video Production Services

SteamATL.net provides video production services at any level to facilitate a video production project to completion as requested. Pre and post production is available at all levels and modalities to video and film creation. Creative types can bring a movie that’s in their head and our video services can have that idea shot, cut, boxed, and available within a year’s time to the world. Clients with an unfinished masterpiece production, needing a handful of corrections, can be completed with StreamATL.net’s advanced technology. StreamATL.net video services are designed to work within your budget and provide the most competitive prices. All video/media requests are evaluated on an individual basis. Please contact us with a brief description of your production need(s), in order to give us the best approach to help complete your project. Not only do we provide video production services, StreamATL.net has photography still image and DJ service packages. We specialize in party photography, on-the-spot printing, and providing the best sound entertainment for all occasions.


StreamATL.net has technologies that will allow the average video or Film Producer the ability to profit off their production while getting it out to the world. The Producer agrees to the terms and conditions and pays fees to host the video in the StreamATL.net Pay-Per-View system. That video is uploaded into the StreamATL.net Pay-Per-View system which will be presented to StreamATL.net members/subscribers/guests, once the Pay-Per-View ticket is purchased. TheStreamATL.net Pay-Per-View ticketholder will be allowed (2) viewings of the video within a 48 hour timeframe. The numbers and statistical information from viewership are instantly available to the Producer. StreamATL.net Pay-Per-View system will give the Producer real-time information to gauge marketing strategies for better sales results.

Film Festival

StreamATL.net will host a bi-annual film festival. The contest will have three categories to compete in: Short films, feature films, and animated short films.   Once the contestant submits a production in one of the three categories, the winner is chosen by the viewers and the official judges from StreamATL.net’s headquarter office.   Winners will be picked every six months. The winner receives a cash prize to help with their next project. The world picks the best film in each category.

Supporting Education

StreamATL.net produces a game show for kids in grades 5 – 12 called Know It All or KIA for short. It is only open to honor students. Each school in the city that wants to participate will provide StreamATL.net with an area to broadcast the show live at their school. The game show has two stages of competition that fall on the student’s progress report and report card issue days. A gold medal will be the reward for the student who wins KIA for that school term. If that student wins KIA from the 5th grade to the 12th grade he or she will win a year scholarship to the College or University of their choice. KIA is designed to give something back to the student who understands the importance of education and academics. StreamATL.net will also offer internships to students pursuing skills in areas of video production, communications, graphics and media arts, acting, accounting, business administration, and electrical engineering. Giving students valuable work experiences and real life hands-on knowledge is a easy task with everyday operations at StreamATL.net. We hope to prepare our youth for a challenging tomorrow.

Music Lounge

StreamATL.net understands the importance of music and video. Nothing captures this more than a live musical performance. The energy from a band playing your favorite song is something to should not be missed. StreamATL.net’s music lounge brings that special live performance to its members/subscribers/guests. The StreamATL.net music lounge benefits the online user's music LIVE experience. The band also benefits from the StreamATL.net music lounge by getting exposure and utilizing the StreamATL.net Pay-Per-View system. The band’s live performances can be uploaded and presented to the members/subscribers/guests through the Pay-Per-View system to financially support the band. StreamATL.net music lounge also gives exposure to clubs and venues that make it possible to see the bands LIVE.

The Goal

SteamATL.net hopes that you will keep enjoying the services that we offer. We plan on making the online entertainment experience different and uniquely enjoyable. Time will only prove that StreamATL.net is a visual voice for the individual that strives to be different.